Projects 2011

The following is a list of the productions that I have worked on. For further information, please click on the project.


The comedy WHAT A MAN tells a story about the young teacher Alex (Matthias Schweighöfer), who has been left by his girlfriend Carolin (Mavie Hörberger) and starts a journey to find his inner self. But how to become a modern man when thwarted at every turn? And what makes a man a man anyway? ››


After 25 years Hanna is reunited with her best friend from kindergarten. They decide to travel to the very island on which they spent their holidays together back in the days. Hanna never guesses what kind of horror is waiting for her. She tries to reveal a secret that has been kept for decades and uncovers a truth, that is much more terrible and horrifying than she could ever have expected. ››


Is there life after death? Maybe, but it's bloody cold. Two men and one refrigerator truck: The cynical ex-firm owner Berg just wants to be left alone. His new partner on the other hand likes to talk a lot. "This truck is too small for the two of us." But it's pointless: There is just one way for Berg to get rid of his new annoying co-driver: His new boss is streching him to turn Moerer into a good salesman. ››