Projects 2010

The following is a list of the productions that I have worked on. For further information, please click on the project.

Schenk mir Dein Herz

A tragic and fun story about a confused pop-star, who gets a second chance - not just musically. Schlager-musician Alexander Ludwig suffers from massive disturbance of memory after a heart-attack. Time and again he forgets who he is and what he wants. In a rehabilitation facility he meets Heinrich is a pianoplayer who is paralyzed on one side after a stroke. With two more handicapped they form a jazz-band, true to the motto "we find something better than death everywhere". ››


17 year old Eva suffers from Tourette. Sometimes the tics drive her crazy, but Eva is actually happy, because in in her weird but loving family everyone accepts her for who she is. The family environment is great until her father loses his job. Together with her odd grandmother and her loopy uncle Eva tries to help securing her fathers livelihood. ››


Two men – one common goal: circumnavigating the globe. There is a great deal at stake: fame, power and influence and above all calculated global political interests as the navel and colonial powers Spain, Portugal and the British kingdom fight for dominance in the "New World”. ››


Nach einem Schiffbruch erreicht Robinson aus Benin halbtot die Küste Südspaniens. Als anonymer Illegaler schlägt er sich mit Jobs in Gewächshäusern durch. Sein Geist wird heimgesucht von Stimmen und Dämonen, die ihn steuern und verwirren, Um sich zu befreien, muss er jemanden umbringen. ››


Ben is smart, intelligent and bound to a wheel chair. He is the sole regent of a universe consisting of social service workers he can boss around, beautiful women he can adore from afar, and his Golf Cabriolet with a lowered suspension. When social worker Christian steps into Ben’s life the work relationship quickly turns into friendship. At least up to the point when love enters their lives in the form of the young cellist Annika. ››


The fates of three criminals collide in Stockholm’s urban jungle. The young JW is sick of student life and wants to hit the big time fast. His accounting skills make him an important man in the small-time dealer Abdul Karim’s gang. Jorge has just broken out of jail and wants to end his criminal career... ››