Projects 2005

The following is a list of the productions that I have worked on. For further information, please click on the project.


Hein Fach was involved in a traffic accident when he was a child. 22 years later he awakens from a coma. He reenters the world with a naïve and honest view of things and realizes through stirring and heartfelt encounters, that only the confrontation with the abrupt end of his childhood can lead to the beginning of his new life. ››


A convict (ANDREAS KALLAUCH) desperately gazes out at the glittering lights of the city outside of his barred prison window. A moth flutters against his windowpane, trying to reach the light in the cell while the man inside can only think of freedom. Both seemingly get what they want only to fail at the exact moment that they have reached their goal. ››


The young, timid psychology student Sam (JODIE AHLBORN) thinks she is leading a normal life until the day she receives a bizarre email. From that moment on she is plagued by eerie hallucinations... ››


Unexpected time warps catapult Lukas Knispe from one situation to the next. His efforts to bring himself and time back in line lead to chaos. A fast-paced comedy about the impact of our fast-track society on the individual. ››


Boris a career lawyer in the U.S. returns to his hometown in Germany after ten years – on board is his girlfriend Rebecca, a super model. Sandrine and Ulf, who have never left Rastatt, put them up. A clash between the microcosm of a small town and the glitzy world of the rich and beautiful is inevitable. But Boris wants out of the rat race and back into the perfect world of his hometown. ››


Remorseless hunters of the night, proud princess of darkness, that’s what Franz and Victor wish they were. But life in a metropolis is tough for their kind. The blood of inhabitants loaded with drugs, alcohol and other abusive substances... ››