Production: Wüste Film GmbH Hamburg & Wüste Film West GmbH Köln

in Co-Produktion mit NDR, BR in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE,

Iris Productions Luxemburg & Drimages Paris

Genre: Drama
Director: Franziska BuchLength: tba.
DoP: Hagen Bogdanski
Format: 35mm

Shooting: from 12.10.20122

Locations: Düsseldorf, Köln, Paris, Luxemburg
Release: tba.

in Postproduction

Work of Christian Vennefrohne:
Postproduction Supervisor


Investment bank manager FRANK BERNDSSEN (c. 40), based in Berlin, believes life to be just a matter of careful advance planning. Currently, he works for a Swiss investor group keen on taking over the French nation-wide meat production chain of Charcuteries Albert. If everything turns out well, Frank’s bank will earn billions, and he’ll be promoted to a director’s post. He just needs the French side to agree to his plan, which is why he’s on his way to Paris. While still at Airport Berlin-Tegel waiting to check in, Frank’s progress is slowed to a standstill by chaotic author PATRIZIA MUNZ (beginning 30s), who wishes to board the plane under all circumstances, although the flight is overbooked in the economy class. Patrizia, an upcoming novelist, has forgotten her credit cards, when she received a phone call just an hour ago from a Paris clinic. Her lover, Parisian architect JEAN-JACQUES SECRETIN lies in a coma, heavily injured in a car crash. Frank, queuing nervously behind her, loans to Patrizia the cash she needs for the upgrade of her economy-class ticket. On the flight in business class, they make hesitant but ineffective efforts to do smalltalk and then leave each other alone.

Patrizia is surprised to find her lover’s wife, elegant FRANCOISE SECRETIN (end 30s) in the intensive care ward of the clinic. Although Françoise seems to be hurt when she realises that Patrizia and Jean-Jacques actually loved each other, she comes to terms with her rival’s existence. The two women learn that Jean-Jacques’ brain injuries are irreversible, and so is his coma. Patrizia is totally out of kilter when she gradually realises just how much Jean-Jacques meant to her, and that now everything is over.

Meanwhile, Frank has successfully negotiated with Charcuteries Albert. From the moment they meet, ALBERT ALBERT the company´s founder becomes a friend of Frank’s, because Albert is just as round as his sausages with their miraculous scent, and a warm-hearted master in the art of living to whom love, friendship and pleasures are more important than economic success. Everything seems to be just fine for Frank, but after his return to Berlin his life comes apart at the seams. His daughter LISA (9) has broken her leg and needs special loving care for several weeks. Frank’s marriage of convenience with GEORGIA BERNDSSEN is dissolving: Once they loved each other, but now she accuses him of having a relationship with Patrizia, whose letter she found when Patrzia sent the upgrade money back. At the same time, Georgia herself falls for friendly doctor BRÄUER (c. 40), the physician in charge of her daughters treatment. And finally, Frank’s big business turns into a soap bubble quickly dissolving thanks to faked figures in Albert’s business plan. The bank dismisses Frank straight away.

Frank renews his friendship with Albert after slapping his face and understanding, that the butcher just did everything to to save his staff from unemployment. On his travels to Paris he meets Patrizia once a while, and they have started to speak about each other´s concerns. Not always successful, but they give it a try. Meanwhile, Frank´s marriage goes down the drain. Françoise and Patrizia still have to decide whether the apparatuses that keep Jean-Jacques alive, shall be turned off. When they finally decide to let him go, they embrace, a fleeting moment between these two very different women.

In the end, each Patricia and Frank have found their new way of life: Patrizia digests her love to Jean-Jacques in her second novel, maturing while she writes down her sorrows. Frank is capable to get a new job with the help of friends of Albert’s. Both happen to give up their flats in Berlin and head for their new lives in Paris, independantly. On the plane they bump into each other again, this time in economy class, and promise to meet while they both live in their new home Paris…


  • Jessica Schwarz
  • Hans Werner Meyer
  • Sandrine Bonnaire
  • Gerard Jugnot