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Schenk mir Dein Herz

Production: Wüste Medien
on behalf of NDR
in association with ARTE
Genre: Tragedy/Comedy
Director: Nicole WegemannLength: ca. 90 min
DoP: Sten Mende
Format: 16mm

Shooting: Summer 2010

Place of shooting:  Germany
Release: tba.Status: completed

Work of Christian Vennefrohne:
Postproduction Supervisor


A tragic and fun story about a confused pop-star, who gets a second chance - not just musically. Schlager-musician Alexander Ludwig suffers from massive disturbance of memory after a heart-attack. Time and again he forgets who he is and what he wants. In a rehabilitation facility he meets Heinrich is a pianoplayer who is paralyzed on one side after a stroke. With two more handicapped they form a jazz-band, true to the motto "we find something better than death everywhere". The fact that Alexander doesn't remember his own music, not to mention that he hates it, doesn't bother him very much, but the women who visits him all the time and claims he married her two years ago disturbes the man, who remembers a whole different family...
A story characterized of unconditional affection to the protagonists and full of optimism shows that even from total chaos can develop something new and better. The touching screenplay, in which tragedy and comedy combine in a lively way underlined with the distinctive role of the music, makes this story a very special project.


  • Mina Tander
  • Paul Kuhn
  • Peter Lohmeyer

    Festivals and Prizes:

  • TV-Producer price Filmfest Hamburg