About me

Christian Vennefrohne, born 1976, originates from the idyllic and tranquil Münsterland in Westphalia. After first steps in the media sector he managed to break open the door to the shiny world of media in 1998 and settled in the Elb-Metropolis Hamburg.

Realizing that he could not base a career on practical work experience alone, Christian Vennefrohne delved into the theoretical aspects of the media industry by acquiring a diploma in media technology in Hamburg. At the same time, he expanded his practical experience by serving as production manager for a number of student films (among others studio productions associated with Studio Hamburg). In addition, he continuously worked on varying film and television productions as a freelancer since 1998.

During his studies he also seized the opportunity to explore the film world overseas by spending 3 months in Los Angeles, working for a SAT1-TV-production and the „German Films Festival“ among others.

Back in Germany he joined the Hamburg production company „brave new work film productions GmbH“ and worked there as „Head of Production“ until 2005. During this time he completed his master thesis, which documented parts of his previous production and post-production work.

By 2005 Christian Vennefrohne judged the time to be ripe to realize his own business concept. Relying on his technical-creative field of study and his extensive production experience, he founded „Christian Vennefrohne – Medienproduktion“ which offers productions companies and independent producers flexible support covering all areas of film and television production. Christian Vennefrohne’s background allows him to comprehensively assess all aspects of a production and to offer specifically-tailored and equally comprehensive solutions.

Many producers have already shown their appreciation for this competent and flexible approach, which distinguishes Christian Vennefrohne – Medienproduktion.