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Producer: Filmtank Hamburg, Filmtank Berlin, fernsehbüroGenre: History Reenactment
Director: Hannes SchulerLength: ca. 3 min
DoP: Rainer Bauer
Format: RED One

Shooting: Spring 2010

Place of Shooting:  Germany
Kinostart: tba.Status: completed

Work of Christian Vennefrohne:

Production Management for the Financing Trailer


Ferdinand Magellan’s und Sir Francis Drake’s secret missions

The songs and legends, children’s books and pirate films of the ensuing ages have praised their genius, creating larger than life heroes. We are left with the distinct impression that their great achievements were entirely the result of personal will and determination. But this, as it turns out, is just one element of the true story.

It is a little known fact that their historic discoveries were actually the result of the geostrategic games played by their backers.

Two men – one common goal: circumnavigating the globe. There is a great deal at stake: fame, power and influence and above all calculated global political interests as the navel and colonial powers Spain, Portugal and the British kingdom fight for dominance in the "New World”. Sailors like Ferdinand Magellan and Sir Francis Drake are their spearheads. The success or failure of such men determines the new world order.

This two part documentary depicts how two modern researchers seek to uncover the true purpose of Magellan and Drake’s respective expeditions. Their discoveries in various archives, interpretation of the sources and research on location confirm: Both seamen were by no means first and foremost adventurers driven primarily by the pure desire to be the first to circumnavigate the globe.  They were actually on fact finding missions on behalf of their rulers with one objective at its heart: nothing less than world domination.

These films clearly demonstrate that the phenomenon of globalisation is not a modern invention at all. Globalisation began during the great age of discovery when Magellan and Drake were pathfinders in the truest sense of the word.