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Producer: Wüste Film GmbH, ZDF das Kleine Fernsehspiel, ARTEGenre: Comedy
Director: André ErkauLength: tba.
DoP: Dirk Morgenstern Format: Red One

Shooting: Autumn 2010

Place of Shooting:  Germany
Kinostart: tba.Status: in production

Work of Christian Vennefrohne:
Production Management & Postproduction Supervisor


Is there life after death? Maybe, but it's bloody cold. Two men and one refrigerator truck: The cynical ex-firm owner Berg just wants to be left alone. His new partner on the other hand likes to talk a lot. "This truck is too small for the two of us." But it's pointless: There is just one way for Berg to get rid of his new annoying co-driver: His new boss is streching him to turn Moerer into a good salesman. Suddenly the misanthropist Berg is demanded to show team spirit. Roughly 876 frozen pizzas, 4322 fish sticks and 12.887 shrimps later he is melting - but thats just the beginning of his problems. Bloody Cold is a comedy about failure as a chance and the different aggregate states of human relations.


  • Herbert Knaup
  • Johannes Allmayer
  • Elke Winkens