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Production: NFP –neue Filmproduktion in order of ARCTIA FILM GmbH, Borkum Genre: Documentary for Cinema
Director: Jens Uwe Scheffler Length: ca. 90 min
DoP: Stefan GrandinettiFormat: Super35
Date of Shoot: Autumn 2006
Place of Shoot: Coast of the Northern & Baltic Sea, Germany
Release: 26.06.2008Status: completed

Work of Christian Vennefrohne:

Preperation of a detailed shooting schedule, a calculation and first ideas for the logistics of the production, as well as generally evaluation of the


Meike is picked up in Meißen with the Norman Islander by her fiance, the pilot Jan Lüppen Brunzema. Their destination is the holm Langeness, where Meike is from and the two are to be married. Meike has given up her job as a porcelain painter in Meißen for Jan. During their flight they take the time to admire the river Elbe and its natural and cultural distinctions from the air. They are met with impressive and enchanting landscapes, technical wonders and architectural masterpieces. After a turn over East Fresia they arrive on the holm. But the wedding hast to be postponed – a storm tide has swept over the holm. They have no choice but to wait until the storm settles and the water recedes. At long last the time has come: the guests arrive with the first rays of sunshine and the wedding can finally begin.