Production: brave new work film productions GmbHGenre: Drama
Director: Sebastian PoerschkeLength: ca. 7 min
DoP: Patrick OrthFormat: Super16 -> 35mm
Date of Shoot: Summer 2003
Place of Shoot: Hamburg, Germany
Status: completed

Work of Christian Vennefrohne:

Line Producer for brave new work filmproduction GmbH


Jürgen (CLEMENS DÖNICKE) hat the hots for Lisie (LI HAGMAN) and vice versa. Lisie’s son Anton (TIM PRAHLE) loves his mom and his dad, but not Jürgen. When Jürgen takes Anton for a ride in his VW Passat through Hamburg the drive takes a surprising turn for Jürgen and his sceptical passenger. The Passat becomes a chariot for two unwitting soldiers of fortune.

Festivals und Prizes:

  • Prädikat Wertvoll (Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden)
  • Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg HanseShort 2004 Prize of the Jury
  • Filmfestival Dresden 2004 commendatory mentioning
  • Filmfestival Landau 2005 in the category "perfect punchline"