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Producer: Wüste FilmproduktionGenre: Comedy
Director: Andi Rogenhagen Length: ca. 90 min
DoP: Ralf Mendle
Format: Digital/Red-35mm

Shooting: Spring 2010

Place of shooting: Germany
Release: Spring 2011

Status: in production




Work of Christian Vennefrohne:
Postproduction Supervisor


17 year old Eva suffers from Tourette. Sometimes the tics drive her crazy, but Eva is actually happy, because in in her weird but loving family everyone accepts her for who she is. The family environment is great until her father loses his job. Together with her odd grandmother and her loopy uncle Eva tries to help securing her fathers livelihood. That however leads more and more to chaos until Eva reaches above herself and her disease and realizes that it's time to live her own live...
A anarchic, irrepressable and sensitive family comedy about love, tolerance and the maybe craziest disease of the world - the tourette-syndrom.