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Bombero International

Corazón International

Macassar Productions


Warner Bros.



Director: Fatih Akin

DoP: Rainer Klausmann


Release Germany: 2017/11/23


Feature / Drama


Format: 106 min.


Principal Photography: End of 2016

Filming Locations: Hamburg, Greece



Status: Completed


Work of Christian Vennefrohne Medienproduktion:
Line Producer




In just one instant, Katja Sekercis (Diane Kruger) changes her life out of thin air forever: in a bomb attack, a bomb explodes killing her husband Nuri (Numan Açar) and their son Rocco (Rafael Santana). She sinks into mourning and can only numb her pain with drugs.

 But then the police are targeting two suspects as perpetrators of the attack: Edda (Hanna Hilsdorf) and André Möller (Ulrich Brandhoff) - a young couple with a neo-Nazi background. The decisive stressful reference to their guilt is produced by Andrés father Jürgen (Ulrich Tukur).

When it comes to the lawsuit, Katja appears as a co-plaintiff. Nuri's best friend Danilo (Dennis Moschitto) tries to prevail as a lawyer against defender Haberbeck (Johannes Krisch). But contrary to expectations, it comes to acquittal and Katja sees only one way to come back to life with her life: She takes her desire for justice itself in the hand.




  • Diane Kruger
  • Dennis Moschitto
  • Ulrich Tukur
  • Numan Acar



  • Golden Globe Awards 2018 „Best Foreign Film“
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2018 „Best Foreign Language Film“

  • International Film Festival Cannes 2017 „Best Actress“

  • Satellite Awards 2017 „Best Actress“ and „Best Foreign Language Film“
  • New York Film Critics Online Awards 2017 „Best Foreign Language Film"