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Wüste Film GmbH

Jumpseat 3D Plus Germany GmbH

ICS International Concert Service GmbH


Director: Norbert Heitker

DoP: Thomas Erhart (Supervising DoP)



Release Germany: 24.07.2014


Feature / Music, Documentary


Format: 95min. / Digital / 3D


Principal Photography:  2013

Filming Locations:

Wacken Open Air, Germany


Status: completed


Work of Christian Vennefrohne Medienproduktion:
Production Manager & Production Team, Postproduction Supervisor



WACKEN OPEN AIR is the biggest 3-day-rock- and metal-festival in the world. It's three days of raw energy, non-stop Heavy Metal music at full blast and 80.000 fans on a party frenzy. A true legend, taking place annually since 1990 in the sleepy German country town of Wacken, it attracts fans from all over the world.

You accompany young bands from all over the world competing to win the “Metal-Battle” band contest. You meet fans from Taiwan, the USA, India and Germany, join them in the tent cities and go crowd-surfing and mud-diving with them right in front of the main stages. You get carried away by the euphoria of the festival visitors who, belying their sometimes warlike appearance, are partying exuberantly but peacefully.

You experience ANTHRAX, MOTORHEAD, RAMMSTEIN, ANNIHILATOR, ALICE COOPER and many more, and you feel that for them too this festival is anything but routine.

A festival film like no other – about a festival like no other. Surprising, funny, noisy and uninhibited. An absolute must-see for every rock-music-fan in the world!


Cast / Line-Up:

  • Alice Cooper
  • Motörhead
  • Rammstein
  • Deep Purple
  • Henry Rollins